Matches That Matter

Matches That Matter

Meet More Singles Over 40, Faster and More Affordably

Your Choice of Activities

Isn't it time to find out how easy, fun and comfortable meeting the right person for you can be? Well now when you become a member of Matches That Matter, the leading social activity based dating service for singles over 40, you will be matched within a few short weeks with 6 eligible singles while you work together on fun activities that you choose AND as a member you get to attend great Special Events where you have even more opportunities to meet potential partners. Here are just a few Flight examples that will have you meeting the right romantic partners faster than any dating service:

  • Sports related
  • Recreational
  • Building/painting/repair
  • Healthcare
  • Arts/theater/music
  • Administrative/organizational/planning
  • Social justice
  • Youth and child welfare
  • Educational/personal development
  • Museum/cultural
  • Gardening/habitat restoration
  • Animal care/rescue
  • Care for the elderly
  • Food prep and/or serving meals
  • Cooking/food/wine related
  • Environmental preservation
  • Disaster relief
  • Humanitarian causes

Come meet other like minded singles, do what you love and possibly find love in the process! If you like what you see, get started today!