Matches That Matter

Matches That Matter

Meet More Singles Over 40, Faster and More Affordably

Refer a friend and you both join for $49 each

Everyone has a friend of the opposite sex who is not right for them, but is a great person and would be right for someone else. Now if you both sign up you each pay only $49!

It's easy, fill out this form, provide your friend's name, pay $98 for the 2 of you, and start enjoying meeting new people.

Not just dating, but giving back to the community through volunteer work.

We match groups of 12 compatible singles, 6 men and 6 women, and get them together to work on fun community and charitable activities.

    This offer includes:
  • Enrollment
  • Annual membership
  • 1 Flight (a Flight is three activities)

Rules: Sign up with a member of the opposite sex and pay only $98.

See complete rules here

Sign up now and start having fun, meeting people, and making the world a better place.