Matches That Matter

Matches That Matter

Meet More Singles Over 40, Faster and More Affordably

A new approach for over-40 singles

A Couple Over outdoors

We’re a relationship service that provides the opportunity for you to join a small group of 6 men and 6 women with similar interests and age preferences in relaxed, comfortable environments. Your group meets 3 times over 3 weeks (we call this a Flight) participating in community activities you select with local non-profit organizations. Everyone in the group is over 40, has the time, energy, and desire to meet people with similar interests.

How we're unique

  • We're the next-generation service for singles who want to give back to their local communities.
  • We provide an elegant service that introduces singles and helps our Members find friendship and romance.
  • We do the work and organize the logistics. There are no profiles for you to create or review, no pictures and no pressure.
  • We set up small-group activities (Flights) with other compatible Members. Just show up, meet people and have fun while giving back to your community.

Small Groups + Great Work + Consistent Contact

You’ll be amazed at how easily relationships will bloom. Let chemistry grow as you enjoy our activities. You get to make dating decisions based on real meetings with real people in real time. One of our Members said it best, “Dating finally became easy, just like falling off a log.” Isn’t that how you’ve met the best partners of your life?

12 Singles…3 Activities…Countless Interactions!

Matches That Matter Event Going out for Food Matches That Matter Happy Couple Matches That Matter Event at a Soup Kitchen

More ways to connect singles

Matches That Matter™ connects more over-40 singles by being a high-touch, personalized service. You can look forward to:

  • An efficient way to meet – Matches That Matter™ is faster and more effective than sorting through online profiles. The result – you meet more singles more rapidly who meet your activity, interest and age preferences. Better yet, we handle all the logistics for you.

  • A Couple Over 40
  • Interesting and fun activities – You select from a wide range of activities of special interest to you.

  • Affordable – You control the frequency and the number of Flights you attend. The more you attend, the more people you meet. Compare us! We are much more affordable than other in-person dating services.

  • Small intimate groups – Each group of 12 includes 6 men and 6 women with similar interests and age preferences.

  • Frequency – You remain with the same group, meeting 3 times for a couple of hours over a 3-week period (a Flight).
  • A Couple Over 40 Having a glass of wine
  • Comfort – It’s a more natural, traditional way to meet singles in real situations prior to dating.

  • Community contribution – You work on meaningful projects giving back to your community and each Flight group provides about 100 volunteer hours to the organization!

  • Safety – You’ll feel more secure knowing that background checks, sexual predator screening and personal interviews have been conducted prior to membership. AND all activities have a company host in attendance.