Matches That Matter

Matches That Matter

Meet More Singles Over 40, Faster and More Affordably

We are experts in building relationships

Matches That Matter™ is a social introduction service. We introduce more over-40 singles, faster and more affordably than any other dating service. Our proven, highly effective, and unique method for matching singles provides a comfortable, low-pressure opportunity to meet “in the real world” while working on non-profit community, arts and cultural projects. Our method is based on these fundamental beliefs:

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  • Isolation is a social not an individual problem.
  • There is a better way to find and build relationships.
  • Everyone deserves a partner if they want one.
  • Meeting others should not be hard; it should be easy, fun, comfortable, feel natural and be safe.
  • Over-40 singles need a reasonable, dignified and effective way to meet a romantic partner.

Why Matches That Matter™

Founder and CEO, Odette Pollar, syndicated newspaper columnist and best-selling author of A Life Worth Living, conducted over three years of extensive research into the dynamics of dating for over-40 singles. The result was the development of a formula that delivers highly effective and more affordable introductions surpassing any other dating service. The research revealed:

  • People are busy and life is more complex. People have many more partners over the course of their lives
  • There’s a pent-up demand from over-40 singles for effective ways to meet other singles
  • Safety is the number one concern
  • Online profiles and pictures are often untruthful
  • The online approach feels artificial, unnatural and unsatisfying
  • Online dating services have a dismal 3% success rate

“Our research revealed that singles over 40 have a desire to provide value to others in a meaningful way; are looking for a romantic partner; and want to meet people in a relaxed format – not by cruising online profiles or in a bar.”

“One man summarized his experience with the group by saying, 'This feels natural and organic –– the opposite of speed dating.'"

- Odette Pollar Founder & CEO

About our mission

We realize that after 40, there are limited opportunities to experience quality face-to-face time with potential partners. Additionally, very few people “shine” in their first, high-pressure meeting, so services designed around one meeting often fail the 40+ single. In fact, 80% of married couples interviewed by Odette Pollar revealed they did not like or were not impressed upon meeting their lifelong spouse for the first time. That’s why:

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  • We organize and present social activities for a very specific age group: singles who are over 40.
  • We create and host interesting opportunities for our Members to meet comfortably, easily, and over time.
  • We believe that the combination of small group activities—specifically those that support local non-profit communities—plus frequency of contact allow our Members to meet in a more natural, low-pressure and effective way.

We invite you to find out more about us and how we can work—and play together for the greater good.

Meet our team

Odette Pollar – Founder and CEO has nearly three decades of experience as an entrepreneur. She has launched and managed Smart Ways To Work, a highly successful consulting firm focusing on strategic planning, process improvement and management development, with Fortune 500 clients that include Merrill Lynch, Shell Oil, Genentech, Pacific Bell, Levi Strauss, McDonald’s, and Visa U.S.A.

She founded the not-for-profit, Lakeshore Neighborhood Plant Exchange, which hosts semi-annual events that draw people from cities across the San Francisco Bay Area. Odette is also the author of 5 books available on Amazon. For 8 years, she wrote a column syndicated in nationally prominent newspapers including the San Francisco Chronicle, Orange County Register and Buffalo News. She earned her B.A. in Interdisciplinary Problem Solving from UC Irvine.

Jim Kranz – President/COO has more than two decades experience as a results-driven business leader with a proven track record of identifying market opportunities, exceeding revenue quotas and increasing market share. His expertise includes developing and implementing marketing plans, strategic partnerships, national sales teams, product launch strategies, and customer care programs. Jim’s experience spans Fortune 500 firms as well as pre-funded startups. Jim holds a B.A. in Economics, Environmental Studies, and Computer Science from St. Lawrence University.

Elizabeth Pearce – CFO has over a decade of experience evaluating emerging companies, including investing on behalf of the HighMark Small Cap mutual fund for three years. She is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has an MBA from the Haas Business School at UC Berkeley. During her 25 years as a professional investor, she worked with Northern Trust, Union Bank of California and other San Francisco-based investment advisors.

John Williams – Chief Marketing Officer has over 35 years of experience in packaged goods, lifestyle products and services marketing for worldwide companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Hertz, Bank of America, E*TRADE, Hewlett Packard, Sheraton Hotels and Nikon. He has built a multinational Marketing Communications company from minimal investment into $15 million gross billings providing brand marketing and new product launch programs for numerous clients in the US and abroad.